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March 24

Yes, Dear!

Yes – Dear! The other day I met this old friend of mine shopping in a Children’s Shop for a baby hammock-cum-pram.  He looked very agitated, trying to argue desperately with the lady sales assistant to ‘reduce the price’.  He kept looking at his wallet whilst talking to this lady.   Finally, the exasperated sales lady […]

March 03

The Trudging Sick Old Man!

The Trudging Sick Old Man! It is all part of the customs, traditions, heritage – long time ages ago our forefathers used to do the same thing – the rest of us just continue to do what was handed down to us in generations.  Who are we to ask why?  Is the fear of being […]

March 03

More Emotional Touching Stories Here!

More Emotional Touching Stories Here! Instead of inventing the wheel – please go here in my previous websites – http://www.majidtouch.wordpress.com http://www.majidfeel.weebly.com for more such stories! Enjoy!

March 03

My Father’s Son!

A Short Story! My Father’s Son!  (Or But I Told Your Mother….!)   Go on in and greet your Father – the boy’s mother prompted the son.  It is Eid Day and it is in our customs, tradition and heritage to visit and greet parents and the elders on this auspicious day.  Go on in – […]