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August 15

Be Careful What You Wish For! Or Signs of The Times!

Signs of The Times! Or Be Careful What You Wish For! A Saudi woman divorces husband who wanted to take a second wife! August 14, 2018 A Saudi woman divorced her husband after he announced his intentions of taking a second wife … because a dream-interpreter told him to, Sada news site reported. The couple’s […]

May 24

(Still) Burning Homes!

Article 1 Burning Homes!  June 6, 2010  http://burninghomes.blogspot.com/2010/06/burning-homes.html This article was written in My Column – Between Us Only! of June 18th 2003 – 7 years ago! Also is in My Books – Between Us Only Series (Original, Short Takes and The Sequel)…. Please visit http://www.majidbooks.com for more information and details. The reason I put […]

May 23

My Books in Facebook!

My Books in Facebook! My Books Displays at – Eat your heart out! This boat has already sailed! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1014236061976398.1073741829.149327601800586&type=3&uploaded=53 All My 51 Books One Centre All My Books (CreateSpace Amazon) 51 books visible at one place. One Stop Information Centre!

February 09

The Crying Lady!

The Crying Lady! February 9th 2016 Images – Crying Lady For Illustration Purposes Only! Please pay attention to yourself only! – The Indian Nurse was scolding me! You came here for your treatment only – so please forget the others for now! –she was scolding – visibly annoyed by the questioning! I was asking her – […]

May 28

Being Positive In Life!

Being Positive In Life and At Work! Or – Learning To Let Go! Dear All & After Compliments;         A         What Has Been Happening So Far! It has been a long while since I wrote anything in the format of an article for my websites – and as you know my two […]

March 23

The Crying Baby on Board (The Plane)!

The Crying Baby on Board (The Plane)! I was seating comfortably on my window seat looking outside when I felt this light tap on my shoulder! These kind of things always make me frightened with all these stories of hijacking, terror and mixed up identities. I do not know why – but travelling makes me […]

March 21

Pretty Beautiful; Pretty Ugly!

Pretty Beautiful; Pretty Ugly!  (Or Just Walk Away Now!) Images Pretty – For Demonstration Purposes Only! I looked again at my car’s dashboard.  Very sure there was nothing wrong here, no indicators or hazards lights just flashing for no apparent reason, the Speed was just right No traffic error made before.  So what was this […]

March 03

My New Website – www.myshorttakes.com

This Is My New Website – http://www.myshorttakes.com Website Icon This website will incorporate all my Short Takes Stories in all my columns  – see http://www.majidwrite.com and http://www.majidall.com – also opinion at http://www.majidsn.com And in my books – see http://www.myownmajid.com and http://www.myown-ebooks.com Also http://www.majidbooks.com My Personal websites – http://www.majidsuleimany.com and http://www.majidalsuleimany.com My other websites – http://www.mymajidwrite.com […]