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March 13

All My Books Presentation in Facebook!

Facebook Books Photos Album! All My Books Presentation! Photo Album! From The Newest One First! Books 52 to 01! All My Books Presentation More here –              

December 09

My Facebook 2016 Video – Majid Al Suleimany!

October 09

This Is My Epitaph!

Announcement – This is My Epitaph! I Want To Be Remembered! Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany October 7, 2016    Majid Epitaph (Legacy) – I want to be remembered! We all have to die one day! Only Allah God is the exception! Jesus Christ Our Great Prophet Issa bin Mariam – will come as The […]

June 20

My New Books Website!

My New Books Website! Incorporating all my books at one place centre – A Bird’s eye view of all my books!   

May 24

(Still) Burning Homes!

Article 1 Burning Homes!  June 6, 2010 This article was written in My Column – Between Us Only! of June 18th 2003 – 7 years ago! Also is in My Books – Between Us Only Series (Original, Short Takes and The Sequel)…. Please visit for more information and details. The reason I put […]

May 23

My Books in Facebook!

My Books in Facebook! My Books Displays at – Eat your heart out! This boat has already sailed! All My 51 Books One Centre All My Books (CreateSpace Amazon) 51 books visible at one place. One Stop Information Centre!

April 26

Respect Your Parents!

March 12

My Books Presentation!

Books Locations At – All My Books (CreateSpace Amazon) 33 out of 37 books visible at one place. One Stop Information Centre! Books Facebook Page – Books Websites – and Books Presentations (Various) PDO Talents Day 2014 Please Support Us Omani Authors too! PDO Talents Day 2 PDO Talents Day In […]

March 10

The Case of The Drowning Lady!

THE CASE OF THE DROWNING LADY! This article extracted from my First Book Between Us Only! and The Redo Versions – see Books Images Below!     Images – Wadi & The Drowning Lady! I do not know who you are with the exception that you had indirectly and inadvertently had cased us a lot […]

February 23

The Prophet Dream! Or Was It Just Coma Related?

Images -In Coma & Afterwards!   The Prophet Dream! – Or Was It Just Coma Related? The story is true! One has been careful in relating to sensitive and in Religious issues! I am a Religious Observing person. In addition to this. I do not drink, smoke – or tell lies! Those who know me […]