Pretty Beautiful; Pretty Ugly!

Pretty Beautiful; Pretty Ugly!

(Or Just Walk Away Now!)

First Written January 26, 2010!

I looked again at my car’s dashboard. Very sure there was nothing wrong here, no indicators or hazards lights just flashing for no apparent reason, the Speed was just right No traffic error made before. So what was this guy flashing his lights at me from behind my vehicle doing? Was he in a hurry and wanted me to let him through or what? So I just decided to ignore him – but perhaps some thing was wrong with my tires? Or something else? Risk it to stop? The guy was in a civilian car any way, so I decided to just ignore him!

I reached my house, and there he was still behind me! He opened his car down and came rushing towards me. Preparing myself for a ‘confrontation and possible fight’ I was taken back by the smiles and his trying to hug me! These things always embarrass me, these showing and display of public emotions. I am not ‘a hugger and kisser in public type’ anyway. Even with peoples I know and familiar with – and whom I have not even seen for quite a while. Yet this guy – a complete stranger – wants to hug me?

Stammering he says to me – I have been trying to draw your attention for the last ten minutes. Did you not see me? To lie as usually is a good defense, but I just said nothing. He went on – I want you to write on my story, please. Say anything – but just please do not say my name. Who are you anyway? I eventually manage to ask. No, no-the story first – then the details later. Please write – please – at least as a lesson to other men. You know how gullible and susceptible we men sometimes are –please? Please?

Come into the house, I say – No he says- just here outside – will do!


When she came to the Receptionist, she had asked for him. The Receptionist had only said – there is a lady, Sir, she wants to see you, she has not made an appointment, she wants only a few minutes – Sir- you should (stressed!) see her! The Company policy says it clearly – visitors only to be received in Reception or the Visitor (meeting) rooms, unless you are Company Manager or Director. He was neither, but neither was he a small fry ‘After so many years of work he definitely did hold some power and influence in the company. That was for sure!

As he got to Reception he gazed around at the peoples waiting outside – including some ladies too. But then this most smiling prettiest most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life, beckoned to him. I am sorry – she says – I came without an appointment. Can I just have a few minutes of your time? Apologetic too – my God – his head was reeling around with thoughts.

Who is she? Forgetting procedures and himself, he asked her to come into his office. Sir, Sir, the Receptionist said – but he just did not hear protestations. All he could hear was this beautiful pretty tall thing following him behind with her high heels. She is looking at me at the back; I hope I am walking straight and okay? My God! How would Angels look in heaven, if a human being was such a beautiful creature like this one?

For the next few days his mind was in a daze and in a trance. He did not know what he was doing or what was happening to him. He could not sleep nor eat. All he thought about was – this beautiful creature! Poor thing – she was not happy in her work, she wanted a job change- anything so long as she could get out from her work place! She has been getting too much attention and notice by every one, even in the lower rungs.

In the beginning she had liked it, but it was now too much for her and her family too. She had to get out and find a job elsewhere. Just any where, but not here – simply not here! Somewhere new – for a fresh start.

He kept forgetting the main point again. For the business his company was in, he could not find a job for her to fit her profession, experiences and qualifications – Besides those jobs were already taken – and they were reserved for locals mainly, not from outside. He could not eat nor sleep. His mind was all occupied by her and how to find a good and decent’ job for her. He must find a job for her. Must!
Besides, had she not said – that a friend had told her to see him – because you are a very decent, gentle and respectful person? No hidden agendas, no innuendos, no double talk?

A straight forward honest sincere and genuine type of person? And after all these too- was it not paramount on him to find her that job to make her happy? That smile? That pretty face? That ——-stop man stop – the inner thinner voice was speaking out – stop – concentrate on your work and your family. Forget about her – she is not your problem – let her solve her own problems – it is not your concern or worry – move on – take hold of your senses, maintain stability & control, man! But did he listen? No!
Then he started having this (evil) brainwave!

What if I call her after office hours in the evening and arrange to meet her at some nice cozy place – nice restaurant – would she come? Of course, she replied – I will name the place and time and I will come. He imagined and visualized the beautiful smile and face again – as it is being said. My God, she is meeting me – again I will see her again – and in better surroundings and circumstances.

Meet my husband, the lady said. I told him how hard you are trying to help me to get a job in your place? In my place? But I said nothing of the sort. All I wanted was to meet you, and see you again. That is all. It ran in his mind, remained unspoken! To get to know you better (you know I have never eaten or slept properly since I last saw you? Do you know? Really!)

You see, I got married only 2 months back, did not have event time to change my C.V (where I had shown I was still single) – she said- interrupting his thoughts – He wanted to scream out the question, why did you lie to me that you were single? (No, the unsaid answer said, I did not lie – my C.V did! Did I hurt you? Was this why you had wanted to see me?). Any news for me?

No, the man said, that is what I had wanted to tell you. I could not get you yet anything. But you could have just called her – why arrange to meet her – the husband sternly asked! She was happy; she thought you had some good news for her! I have no answer for that – no answer – the man kept replying to himself more – Simply no answer – as both husband and wife walked away!

Those strange funny looks from them, as they walked away – hand in hand! He had never looked so silly, so open stupid ever in his life ever before!

Drawing by Raadheesh





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