Let Things Be!

Let Things Be!

First Published January 26 2010!

Between Us Only!

A businessman was travelling through a village that he used to grow up in as a child. He saw some boys playing football. He instructed his chauffeur to stop the car. He walked towards the field and watched the boys whilst they played football. It reminded him of his old days when he too came from the village and played football with his friends. It amazed him to see that nothing had changed much, some of the faces looked similar from those he played with. He guessed they could be off-springs of his past friends.

He stood there for almost half an hour, whilst his chauffeur kept the air-conditioning running in the expensive high profile car, so that the boss would not be inconvenienced when he came in. He had first thought of asking the boss to sit in the car whilst he watched the kids, but seeing how intent the boss was in watching the kids, he thought it better to keep his mouth shut lest the boss puts him in his place (again)!

The boss then returned to the car, and he could be seen to be very occupied and thoughtful. The chauffeur felt like asking the boss ‘what was wrong?’, but before he had time to ask, the boss cut in – ‘where is the nearest supermarket here?’ After being given the answer, he was instructed to proceed there immediately and drive as fast as the village roads would allow.

The chauffeur thought of reminding him of the scheduled meeting in the Town Hall, but he thought better of it and kept his mouth shut once again (just shows you when you pin down your subordinates, you get back ‘cold shoulder’ treatment in return!)

The boss now comes out from the now hastily arrived to Supermarket with a box. He instructs the chauffeur to take him first to the Town Hall, and then give this box to the kids he had stopped to see on his way.

The chauffeur looks inside the box and sees three set of footballs. It now dawns on him why his boss was that pre-occupied in mind and thoughts. Actually the ball, the village kids were playing with was a hastily created ball containing card board with pieces of some paper and strings moulded round to look like a football!

Here now in the box were the latest ‘craze’ and the latest versions and models of footballs. Whilst the kids had only ‘one ball’ to play amongst them, here in the box were three new football models. It also carried some whistles (for the referee) and some football aids.

The chauffeur was instructed to tell the boys that it was a gift from the ex-village boy who had become rich and a millionaire after leaving his home village. It was just a small token of his appreciation to pay back to the village that had raised him.

After the meeting, the rich man returned to have a last look to see the boys at play again. This time he was shocked that the football game had stopped, and the boys were split and arguing heatedly and it seemed there had been some fights and squabbles before. This puzzled the rich man very much.

He had thought the boys would be very happy now that they had got new footballs to play with, but exactly the opposite had happened. It had created havoc and division amongst them.

The point is that the rich man had forgotten what it was to have been a young boy and kid at heart!. Whilst they were happy to play together in a hastily created simple football that they had prepared together (repairing it as it got torn!), now they had three modern footballs and each one was arguing amongst themselves on who would keep them at home, or by turns which raised frenzies and emotions as none of the arrangements proposed were being agreed to amongst them. Each one wanted to keep the ball first – boys being boys.

A good intended deed by the rich man had backfired. This had hurt him a lot. He could not have predicted the turn of events by his action. Whilst they were happy to leave the ‘old ball’ at the playing field, each one wanted to keep the new ball (or by turns) at home.

Besides, how do you decide which of the three new balls to use to play football? It was a dilemma, and the result was nobody gained. It actually had ended in splitting up the harmonious group into feuds and in-fights.

This is the story of life. Sometimes with the best of intentions, we think we have done a good deed and it backfires and ends in a situation we had never expected or anticipated.

Guess some of you may be saying – where did you get this story from? You have never heard this story , or seen it anywhere before?.

Actually you may be right!. Just substitute the rich man and chauffeur to a simple Human Resources Professional cum Specialist with no driver, but in his rented car. The hometown is in another land – but the rest of the story is just right and correct!

Keep on Smiling!

First Published January 26, 2010!

Drawing by Raadheesh!

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