The Case of The Drowning Lady!


This article extracted from my First Book Between Us Only! and The Redo Versions – see Books Images Below!


Drowning Lady  Wadi

Images – Wadi & The Drowning Lady!

I do not know who you are with the exception that you had indirectly and inadvertently had cased us a lot of consternation, fear, worry and panic as we stood watching you from the Offices opposite – and dreading that any minute now the flood rushing in the waters would take you in its full force, and make you disappear into it – and drown you!

You may not know it either, but a lot of unnoticed to you actions were going on, with some of us in our offices watching and frantically and desperately calling for help and rescue to come o try to save you. Perhaps you had noticed that Police helicopter that had come and tried – perhaps we and others too made it aware of your acute situation to come to try to save you!

They did a good job too to ensemble it at short notice after the call – thanks to the ROP for their excellent services and contribution to save human lives at the time of the wadi floods!

The heroes are, of course, those who had risked all to come in their forklift tuck to try to save and indeed had saved you. We all jumped up in happiness, clapped and cheered, but surely with the noise of the rain and the flood waters – and the fact that we were up here in our offices far from you would not have made you to take notice!

But we were all happy for you, and to see that you have had a new life Chance and Opportunity to start life all over again – when it was nearly within a few seconds to be taken away from you for good!. That just goes to show how easy and cheap that life can easily be – come and go – and within second be lost, without you knowing that you were getting in to by trying to cross those flood waters.

As you were entering the flood waters, there we were screaming our heads off – Go back man, Go back man! Of course you would not have ever heard us, because of the first fact we were second floor up in our offices across the flood waters. Second we all thought only a man could be that obstinate and with such a death wish, how could we know it was a woman?

Third – Four wheeler or not, no one in his right mind would ever try to cross such waters, especially when you had seen other four wheelers and bigger trucks than yours too waiting patiently by the side of the road, or turning back. Lady – what made you do it? Are you new to Oman or the four wheeler 4WD had fooled you by its powers? Or was there just a dare devil death wish?

Anyway, this is not the time and place to start finding faults and blames. That you go out safe and sound is all enough for us and all is forgiven. When we saw it was a lady, that there might be children (or pets). But as we looked, there you did the smartest and the most intelligent thing to get out of the driver’s seat, and go onto the roof of the vehicle.

That was coolness and resolve at stake, and the natural instinct to survive come into force when human beings are threatened! And then you sat there on the roof, looked you were talking on your mobile (GSM).

We just sat here and wondered whom you were calling, who first and telling them what. Guess hubby at home? The children at school/ And the crying and screaming at the other end? Saying last farewells and goodbyes, and forgive me for my past errors and wrong decisions and judgments. How perhaps you should have shown more concerns and care, as we all tend to take things easy and for granted? There were so many thoughts, ides and after thoughts going through our heads and minds – as we watched and marveled at how so easy for death to come within our midst, and take us away when we least had expected it. To die for crossing some strong force of water?

It does not make sense for some of us born outside when we cross streams and rivers in our then Land Rovers 109 and 110 series when we were kids, and our father driving not even lifting an eyelid too! Only in crossing the vehicle was moved slowly and steadfastly with the lowest gear on, including the four wheel one!

Long time ago my uncle and some of his friends had gone hunting in those old days in the African jungle. They were talking among themselves casually, unaware that the lion was almost amidst them. Though they had guns, they were lying on the round and not even fully loaded. When the lion roared, they made a go for it, and as they were running they met a huge boulder right on their tracks.

They had to stop and wait for the lion to catch up to them – or jump into the boulder. You guessed it right – they jumped into the boulder and over it! Perhaps the lion easy not hungry, or it had enough of mirth and laughter for the day to see old men panic and run in sheer shock and fright. To see lunch run away that fast! So it went on in its own way.

When they thought it was safe and sound, they jumped down from the boulder and looked it up. This time they looked at it and could not believe their eyes or imagine that they could have ever jumped onto the boulder, and looked it up. They tried hard to do it again, but had failed miserably – only smashing their bodies into, nor was sweet beautiful life at stake here now!. I guess, dear lady, you too must have wondered how calm, cool and collected you were – as we thought that is how you looked from here afar from you.

From here in the office one enterprising young boy was taking your photographs – they had their own story and details to say – but I shall not bore you with all the details. Suffice the boy said it right – A new chance of life was given to the lady, for the rest of us we need to take more care and precaution when next it rains heavily, or we see forceful waters in the form of ‘Wadi’ crossing in front of our paths and roads. These are Arabian rains, and the waters from the mountains come with deadly killing force – taking away and destroying anything and anyone in its deadly path!

Lady – you had us really worried– but we all learnt from that experience in life – and we all have come wiser – taking from your experience though we must admit – and the silver lining in the clouds = and we are all happy and cheerful that you beat death this time, and wish you a long happy prosperous long life – Amin! (Amen).


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