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September 10 2005

Coverage – Between Us Only by Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany 434 pages, Price RO 9  Available at Family Bookshop Turtle Bookshops and all leading bookshops in Oman / Magrudy in UAE


Majid Al Suleimany is a well-read, witty and prolific writer who often makes you laugh and sit up and think on ordinary but often neglected and not so cared matters in the society. He also writes about social evils prevalent in the society with a funny touch and lashes it with heavy blows. This unique style and way we rarely find in other writers. His prose is simple and clear and elegant.

The collection of his columns published in the Observer and some unpublished ones appear in a book form — Between Us Only. The title itself tells the reader the topics he talks about are not so sweet many times, and many of the articles irritate somebody or other. Since it is ‘between us only’ and whispered in to your ears he often talks about matters which many are scared to touch. He talks about burning homes, divorce, pride and prejudice, human suffering, human fears, social trends and changes and people’s idiotic concerns to keep up with the Joneses.

As a human resources professional, in his essays Majid gives very important and valuable tips and notes to company executives and chiefs. Looking at the society’s craze for materialism and vanity the writer asks: “What happened to the sanctity of marriage as the highest institution in our lives according to our Islamic teachings — the Sunnah and the Hadith? Our customs, traditions and heritage?”

Divorces are happening at the drop of a hat. So he advises “we need to impart to our younger generations the sanctity and high importance of the institution of marriage. The importance of patience, harmony, tolerance, trust, faith, and confidence. This is in order to save our society for future generations.”

In another article he asks: “What is this new ugly and unpleasant developments now in our homes? This ‘domestic violence’ thing? Do we have an excuse for this? The satellite dishes, and the foreign films and dramas that are beamed to our homes? Or is that the new in-thing fashion now, the provocations and ‘do not care stuff’ — followed by lifting of hand and beating out that poor creature that bore you babies that you call your own and have made you proud too? Do you consider the effect on the children? Hey, what is wrong with us nowadays?”

In an advice to chief executive officers and managers the author reminds “what happened to all the principles of treating staff with respect, with utmost ethics, professionalism, kindness, cordial reception and courtesy? Whether they are Omanis or others, people need to be treated properly and with more esteem and respect.”

As a Human Resources Consultant, Majid is giving valuable tips to job applicants in his article “Applying for a job”. Some very important dos and don’ts for the aspiring job seekers. “Send your application with jus Photostat copies of your certificates and other documents. “When you are called for an interview do not tremble and show fear and worries. Remain cool, collected, calm and in control. “Never ask ‘how much you will pay me’ until an offer has actually been made.

“Prepare your CV (maximum two typed pages only) and a covering letter (one page only) with your application. Majid’s “Between us Only” is a sincere attempt by a simple human being who cherishes his culture and traditions, and wanted it to be preserved for the coming generations.

It is a labour of love with keen observation of the society in the 21st century Arab world in particular. It also carries warnings, resentments, and fears and advises for all.



Extracted from the book – The Sequel – Between Us Only!

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