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Many of us believe that if we have a secret that we hold very near and dear to our chest and if we share it with our closest trusted confidantes; then that secret will remain so as a secret. Many people have learnt to their greatest discomfort, agony and woes that it does not take long before that ‘secret is passed on and is out’ – in other words exposed! I always believe that a secret is best shared and is between ONE PERSON only. That person is you yourself – ONLY! A secret is between ONE PERSON only – when a second person comes into the picture and is shared with – it no longer becomes a secret!

You do not believe me? Let us suppose that you were able to keep that secret up to the end of your life. Is there any guarantee that ‘that secret’ will never come out and be exposed? Are we sure of that? Do we have any guarantees on that? Personally, I do not think so! There are peoples who will always be suspects, situation circumspect and heard too of circumstantial suspicions? Not all peoples are gullible unsuspecting susceptible types. Not all are fools, stupid and suckers.

I know for a fact that some peoples who work in very sensitive energized places where they come to know of things secret, find it very difficult to remain silent and ‘not telling’. They simply have to tell someone else – I am confiding in you – please do not tell anyone else – please! Then blah – blah – and the person told soon after feels the urge to pass it one, and a roller effect – or the domino effect takes over – and it no longer is a secret. How do you think otherwise highly confidential secrets get leaked out, sometimes even to the Press – with devastating effects and results.

Heard of ‘circumstantial evidences’? However smart some people may think that they have been careful with all the details and coverage, there is always one loose end missed out. The one bit that may be enough to raise suspicion and doubts – even to convict! Let us not forget for a minute people – even in so-called advanced and developed nations – have been convicted and even hanged just based on circumstantial evidence. Some even who did not do the real crime, but some elements of their character or behaviour had raised suspicions in the first instance.

Does death hide a secret? I do not think so. Actually, conversely is the ‘order of the day’! If you thought that you had a kept a secret up to ‘the last breathe left your body’ and congratulating yourself on it, do not delude or kid yourself. Heard of secrets following the dead into their graves? That is what I mean here! Let us look at the following examples – and at the end of it all, you be the judge if what I am saying has made any sense or meaning?

(By the way, many thanks to those who have written in by their E-mails. Many are compliments, some are critical. I shall see what I can do, but you must agree with me that it will be next to impossible to please everybody! Thanks also for the various letters to the Editor. Especially that lovely lady who had written in. To have such a profile lady as a fan is really something! Lady – you made my day – I was wholly miserable the whole day!).

Young woman telling a secret to a man


 Image Exposed – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Case No. 1.

The girl was crying uncontrollably. Everyone wondered who she was, and why she was here? So the questioning went around. All that was drawn out were blank no-know answers! No – she was not from the Office! No – she was not a distant relative. No one seemed to know or recognize her. She was crying her heart out, loudly and unashamedly! She was heavily pregnant – could deliver anytime by these raised emotions. She held the dead man’s wife tightly – as if the man’s death was theirs to share together. The wife was getting embarrassed bit by bit – this girl was more emotional and crying than she the wife (and now widow) was!

The young girl’s heart was the loudest crying out in distress and agony. Then the men preparing the dead body for funeral lamented out in cry – Sorry Dear Ladies. It is that time to say Farewell to the soul departed. The   ladies were gathering together. So was the young girl. The mother of the deceased prevented her – Sorry, please forgive me. Who are you? I am supposed to be the Mother – but even I do not know you! Why are you joining this queue? It is only for family and relatives. Who are you? Sorry, Mother – the girl cried out all the more – I am very sorry Mother. I beg of your pardon and forgiveness. I am the (second) wife of the deceased. He told me to keep our marriage a secret. We have one child 2 years old, this second one is due anytime now. If you do not believe me, here is my marriage certificate (I am not a fortune hunter!).

Stunned pin drop silence from all. No more crying. The elder wife now starts to cry uncontrollably and inconsolably. Louder and more hysterical than ever before. True story. Not created. Has happened too. Secret? Hidden?

Case No. 2.

As he stood there with other relatives accepting condolences from those who had come to the funeral of his wife, a lot of thoughts went through the man’s head. What was he going to do or tell the youngest child – the one who kept asking why she was not at home – and where is Mummy? She was very vulnerable, and always close to her mother. Then this other man had approached him. He gave out a feeble smile first, but he could see that the man had been crying by his wet red eyes. He held the husband tightly. Kissed him on both cheeks, like someone he knew well and or was close to him. He kissed two times on the left, two times on the right. That must be very close.

The man held the husband tightly, nearly choking him. Excuse me, the husband protested, there are other men waiting! The man let go. But he saw something very strange. There were whispered low voices emanating from other men waiting. Knowing benign smiles, bordering sneer and ridicule cum contempt. Like the bereaved man was a stupid fool! He wondered what it was all about. Far late alone now in the big bid, it struck him! The man was from his wife’s Office. Or was he someone dealing with his wife office-wise? The man was not able to control his emotions, and he had let the cat out of the bag. The husband now knew too. He had always some suspicions, but had never expected to find out the truth this way. Can happen too.

I saw this film where one exploration party was supposed to have been perished. They were rescued. As they brought in the wives by helicopter, one forget herself and ran into the arms of another man. The husband just looked in – in shock and bewilderment. He wished he had died and not to have found out! Still a secret? More on the way!

Exposed 2


 Image Exposed – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Case No. 3

The Late Princess Diana. Always people suspected ‘foul play’ – and the secrets are starting to come out, long after her death. Was she pregnant? At least she took her secret to her grave. Poor Peoples’ Princess!

Case No.4.

I would say cases, because there are many of them! Secrets of great peoples, high profile personalities, leaders and Presidents too. Secrets that had come out after their deaths, or after being out of their incumbents’ positions and places. So many examples – no need to start giving some for now (space issue too).


Case No. 5

There are many cases of convicted and executed people who were later to have been found out to have been innocent, or did not participate in the actual crime they were convicted by ‘circumstantial evidences’ per se! This confirms and authenticates my earlier point out on ‘circumstantial circumstances’.

Next time you have a secret, keep it to yourself. Share it with someone, than expect the worst. Especially something embarrassing or degrading, personal or best kept hidden and secret. Anything can happen at any time. There is no worse time for your secret to come out than when you are dead – or in such a position that you cannot defend yourself. So those still involved in hanky-panky stuff – just watch out!  

You never know when emotions can get out of control, and the better of you. Pretending and acting – as if butter will not melt if placed on your mouth. Those involved in secret liaisons, watch out too. Better be honest, sincere, genuine and straight forward. That ‘secret partner’ of yours can let you down and betray you, and when you are not around to defend yourself too. Human nature is human nature. There is no telling or prediction. Sometimes you cannot control your emotions, and you are EXPOSED at the ‘most inopportune, discomfiting and wrong time too.

 Case No. 6

Several Aliens and UFOs sightings – including from other worlds!

Till next time, adieu and keep smiling.


P.S. The examples given in cases 1 to 2 are outside the country – just for your information.


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