Please Write A Book About Me!

Please Write A Book About Me!

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My  First (Formal) Granddaughter Aliyazah  (Yazuiy) – Gazelle – yesterday asked me to write a book about her! Seeing my home library and my 10 books authored by me – – she told me –

Grandfather? Please write a book about me! How I was born and had a big emergency heart operation – how I survived and the operation was a success – and how I am now going to school and about my sister Ritaal – my cousin Mariah (from my twin mother) and my new cousin – **Sibel – and make up a story of me getting married etc – all kid stuff with a fanciful imaginative imagination!

Her aunty is getting married this week – and children can easily relate to things!

Just Imagine!

From Grandfather with love – here is to you Yazuiy (we call her that!) and all the others!

Majid Al Suleimany

** Still remaining formally not named because the Authorities in Oman refuse to register that name as being ‘non-Omani!)

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Enjoy! Happy Surfing!

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