A Question Of Chemistry!

A Question Of Chemistry!

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A Question of Chemistry?

They tell me that I look great when I put on my 3-piece suit. Perhaps it is my large built body, perhaps the way I carry myself when wearing one. I can assure you that – and I pride myself too to be so – that I am not a conceited or proud person. In actual fact quite the opposite, there has never been a gentler polite unassuming person like the good self, believe me!

Anyway, apart from the hostesses in the plane fussing over me, and their getting over their initial shock of seeing such a high profile personality person flying Economy class (that is what the good Company was paying me anyway for this travel for the Management course in UK!), the truth was the plane was half empty whilst leaving Muscat – and was full of small children going back home to UK for their studies after the Summer break!

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A Question of Chemistry?

So yours truly was only a few of the ‘attractive’ gents left on board! (The one eyed cock is king in his colony!) Trust Air Hostesses to fight to see whom amongst them the Gents find most attractive and appealing. The competitions, therefore, is just part of the job profile, and comes in naturally to especially those more friendlier, outgoing and extrovert!

Have you ever heard of inhibited winning any points in such issues, though admittedly I have seen in many cases that when I feign and act to be uncaring and disinterested, the chicks come in flowing into me? Because it hits them right in the forehead, that there has to be ‘something wrong here, why is this man pointing his nose into air with no cares or interests? That brings out the worst in the fairer sex, and it hits them right in the middle in their confidence levels, believe me! Trust me – it has always worked for me – pretend and ignore and they come in like flies.

Show keen interests and follow ups, initially it attracts them – but further pursuance and chase makes them turn turtle, and give you safe distance. The fair ladies are strange creatures! Once a friend told me – M, write a book on how to really understand women, and you will definitely make it to be a Millionaire! Before that first, I shall need to understand better the creatures with me, the wife and the teenage daughters – my sisters I have given up long time ago!

Anyway, as the plane lands in Terminal 3 at Heathrow, London, this other plane comes in after we have landed. It is a National Airline too – but from a Far Eastern country (they say a plane lands and takes off every minute in this busiest Airport in the world!). Our queues to the Immigration Section run parallel. There is this youngish girl who keeps looking at me intently. I usually get easily embarrassed in such situations, I pretend first to look away and not to take notice, but side glances, she still looks at me.

Then I see her talking to one of the Police Escorts, and I see her walking towards me, having left her queue. My heart beats faster; actually it jumps out towards my mouth. I pretend to engross myself into reading this Airline Magazine (did I steal it, or was it a complimentary copy for each passenger, or do the Airline let you guess and let you decide what you want to do unhindered?).

She reaches me now and says – ‘whatever has happened to you, you seem to have gained much weight (that cannot be a compliment, looks like a slur! Is more coming on the way? Sure it does!). You were slim and not like this? A thin effort of courage steps in – and I try meekly to bring in quick humour! (My usual line of defence!) – And blurt out – But still handsome and attractive, No? She meekly knowingly smiles back.

Have you come for the course too, she asks me – whilst in my mind I am desperately trying to think who is this charming beautiful pretty lady, and when and where did I meet her last? My mind draws a complete blank, cannot recall or remember anything. See you at the course, she says, as she walks back from an ‘inside first steaming and sweating from within first to outside’ body – that is me! – Surprisingly it was already autumn here!

As I get into my taxi ordered in advance from Muscat, I can hear the taxi driver talking, but his words make no sense to me. All I can hear is my brain telling me – M Man, think – think – think! Where did you meet this babe? Who is she? I console myself; she said she is coming to the course, so there is still this chance to meet her there, isn’t it? Wrong man, she may have been coming for a course, but it was not my course! I curse myself for not asking her more or talking more.

A sure case of mistaken identity, I guess? But she had said I had gained weight, and she did not tell me her name or any further details. Should I call the Airline and ask? But would they give me the information in the first place, knowing Airlines as I do? Besides, tall thin and slim – meets the features of at least 20 or more in that same plane! But which one are you referring to, Sir? The one who has come for a course? Which course, Sir, the description may fit several others too. Maybe I should call all LondonUniversities, Colleges and Places of Learning? Or maybe I should just kick myself – I think that would be better still for all of us! Sic!

Far later at night, after the call home, my conscience pricks and kicks in. M, you are a married person. Father of teenage daughters and sons – shame on you to have these ‘stray and dirty thoughts’ – the voices speak to me! And then the other party comes in, man, did you see how pretty and stunning she was? She came over to you, all you did was smile, did not have even guts to open your mouth and say anything!

But who is she? Do not ask me, man! You had your chance, and you blew it! Kick yourself man! No, the other voice comes in – it is a simple case of mistaken identity, forget it man! Perhaps you are better off too you did not get involved. The third inner voice then asks – Is it a case of pure Chemistry? Perhaps it is, take years to pass – and when you have reached your ambition to be a Writer (Journalist / Columnist) write about it man …. So here goes!!

Is Chemistry that good? Besides getting low marks in the subject in my Secondary School, I do not think so! I have had these 2 fellow students in my MBA in Management class. Every time I opened my mouth to say anything, they just would jump on me, just could not control themselves – tolerance levels were too low. Even if I said the most intelligent and sensible things, they would still do it. Even in the last class and graduation class, they crudely and rudely too remarked – do not finish the cake, leave some for others too.

The other day I saw one of them with his family, ignored him – but he walked over to me with his family – take care of yourself, man, you are getting fatter by the day. As the good wife reprimands, you only put us in our place your family at home, but outsiders have a field day out with you!!

Guess some of you maybe asking – so what happened on the flight back to home? Need I tell you? Ask the big Teddy Bear toy I brought home for my young daughter. Is it for me, each one of the hostesses asked – whilst fondly hugging the bear?

Chemistry? I had enough – sternly – No, it is for my daughter! Chemistry indeed!! Keep on smiling!

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