The Sad Lonely Boy!

The Sad Lonely Boy! The Sad Lonely Boy

I had closed the door of my rented car and as I had entered the building, the boy was sitting on the steps on the side away from the entrance. He looked up at me and smiling said – I see the whole building has now been taken? It is good – he answered himself more.

The building was new in this part of town, and had been grabbed quickly by some of the Companies in town. The Estate Agent preferred to rent it to the Companies rather than individuals, at least that way they were guaranteed more on their income. When you have invested in building a new block of flats, you sure want to get your as the Economists say – ROI – Returns On Investment as quickly as possible!

The boy was sitting looking about him desolately and sadly. I could feel he wanted to talk. So I asked him – you did not go to school today?  Yes Uncle I did, he replied. Uncle too – that showed some manners and respect. I went and came back at 2.30 p.m. It was already 4 p.m., and I had lost the sense of time. Anyway anything but to make the conversation to the boy.

One day before I was moving from my old Company provided flat to this one in a new building. I was carrying a lot of things with me as I moved between old and the new flat, and there were three boys on the steps. These were different boys to this one. They looked more dressed up and presentable than this boy. They were eating a lot of sweets, and I was about to go on a lecture mode about eating too many sweets when I noticed the boys were sitting right on the entrance, and not moving to let me pass through.

I thought this was very rude of them, and gave them a piece of my mind. They just looked up at me as if I was talking hot air, but one finally moved aside. The other one just sat where he was, as if I was talking to deaf ears. He seemed unmoved and to me as if he was looking for a confrontation.  Or he just wanted to be arrogant, rude and rebellious as many of his age.

The three boys were whispering amongst themselves, and looking with disdain and contempt at the ‘lonely boy’. I was sure that if I were not around, they would have jumped down on this poor boy, and bully him up. I seemed to realize of worry and concern emanating from the boy, as if he did not want me to disappear into my flat and leave him alone with them. There was a telepathy call of help towards me not to leave him alone with them.

Typical cruelty of boys to their own, they seemed to show off their possession all the many and assorted sweets and chocolates they had with them. They seemed to batter and wanting to exchange their possessions amongst themselves. The poor boy just looked out and you could feel he was jealous and envious of his peers – as he seemed not able to possess any.

I put down my first impulse on how the boy would have reacted if I gave him some money so he could buy some too. Sometimes the best of will and intention could be misinterpreted and construed for something bad and dastardly – when none was intended. Besides, the other boys might tease him more if I did this to him. You know the feeling – you want to help and assist but you do not know what others and society might think instead? Sadly I walked in and went up the lift to my flat, leaving the boy alone.

These are not my battles, and I would not be around all the time to help and assist him. A few minutes in my flat, my conscience pricked me up. I got down to see how the boy was faring. Sure enough it was good I did, because the other boys had set upon him and were bullying him, teasing him with words unbelievable that could come from the ‘angel little things’.

A side of me was telling me not to get involved. Where did I read that a good Muslim is one who does not get himself involved in other peoples’ issues that ‘do not concern him’? The good side anyway got better of me and I told off the boys – if I see you again even touch this boy, you will have to deal with me – you hear?

Next day I come with a big box of assorted chocolates. A friend in the Office gave me this; I lie to the boy’s Mother. I am not allowed to have sweets. The friend is not from our religion, but they have these celebrations to give sweets to friends. Lying is easy, once you have done it the first time! Here Mother – take for your children. The woman knows I am lying through my teeth, but she pretends to go along – thank God for little mercies and breaks! The lady cries. God sent you to us – she cries. No I said it works both ways too. I too am very happy to know you all. She wants to hold my hand and kiss it, but I pull it away just in time.

The boy next day is sitting outside with the box of chocolates on his lap. The peers look at him with great envy and jealousy. What the boy does next shows there is still hope for mankind. The milk of humane kindness. He invites the others to take some from the box. They seem reluctant at first, but eventually the braver one of the three moves forward and takes one or two – followed by the others! The boy has won the final round, and you do not need to tell me of human deception, twists and ironies of life.

Goodness and kindness always win the final round. Have seen it before, seen it now and will see it again in the future!

Take care!

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A comment from a ‘Foreign Fan Reader` from Belgium – Quote – 

Indeed I was watching our home TV and saw these news about Oman and Belgium . I never heard much of this country before until now and Google searched it. I also Google searched ‘Majid Al Suleimany’ as you being the Author and the owner of this website.

 I must say I am really amazed and impressed to see such an enterprising Writer like you are and I am sure your countrymen must really be proud to have such a person of such high talents  and enterprise belonging to such a country. 

Please keep up the excellent works! I will be sure to enjoy more of your writings which are really heartfelt, warm, tender and most sincere.  

We really do need people like you to change the wrong perceptions and negative stereotyping that goes against people from your side of the world and to bring in better relations and harmony amongst peoples of the world. 

Thanks Mr. Al Suleimany once again! You are great! God bless. 


QED – Need I say more??.