The Prettiest Girl That You Ever Saw In Your Life!

  • The Empty Drums make the loudest noise!East African Saying!
  • So many others too! – See below!

Like I always say in my columns – we all watch Miss World and Miss Universe – and where each country in the world send their delegate of their ‘Miss Country’ to compete!

These competitions have lately run into great controversies of all kinds – from Feminists to Fundamentalists – but the same in outlook that ‘women are being used as a marketing commodity’ per se!

Frankly, my own views are that you will find the REAL prettiest girl that you ever saw in your life somewhere in the borders of Kashmir, Afghanistan, Turkey etc. – but is Not involved in any of such of these type of competitions!

Similarly the Best Restaurant (cannot even afford the entry fee for such a competition!) and so on … !

You can read about the story of The Afghan girl here!

Afghan Girl 1 Afghan Girl 2 Afghan 3

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Because of war and strife, they are just struggling to live and just survive – as best as they can – let alone enter the Rat Race competitions!

In summation and in conclusion, sometimes the real best things in life do not need to enter the rat race to compete and win – they are outside unrecognized and unknown – but still there!

The message – Be satisfied and grateful for whatever little you have – there are so many behind you in life – and so many far ahead of you!

Take Care!

P. S. I am taking a Low Profile now for a very long time to come! See you until then – ADIEU!

Sincere and genuine apologies to all – and my very Best Wishes, Regards and Compliments!

So many times beaten up Man!

Majid Al Suleimany